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World Bee Day was first celebrated on May 20, 2017, in an effort to raise awareness of the decline of the global bee population. Less bees may sound enticing to some, but our entire ecosystem actually depends on them. 


Through pollination, bees are responsible for 75% of the world’s food supply. More bees means more pollination which aids in crop production and promotes global food security. 


Unfortunately, due to increased urbanization, pesticide use, deforestation, and climate change, the bee population is declining at an alarming rate. Between 2017 and 2018, the United States alone saw a 30.7% decrease in bee population. With very little being done to slow this de-population, these numbers will likely continue to increase. 

So what can one person do? 

First, be informed. Educate yourself on the importance of bees and the small steps you can take to make even the tiniest difference. 

(Check out https://worldbeeday.org/en/about/the-project.html for more statistics, information, and ways you can get involved). 

Second, shop for products made by companies that give back to the planet and the bees that live here. 

Here are a few of our favorite bee-friendly products that we carry in our store. 

  1. Bee’s Wrap

Bee's Wrap

These reusable food wraps are practical and planet-friendly, eliminating the need to ever use plastic wrap again. They come in a variety of sizes and are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and responsibly sourced beeswax. Bee’s Wrap is a member of 1% For The Planet and also supports The Bee Cause which educates children on the importance of bees and how they affect food production.

  1. Save The Bees T-Shirt

Save the Bees

Become a walking billboard with the Save the Bees T-Shirt made by Nature Supply Co. These shirts are made from locally sourced organic cotton and printed right here in the United States. Nature Supply Co. is also a member of 1% For The Planet and they partner with The Carbon Underground, restoring one square foot of degraded soil for every item they sell. 

  1. Honey House Birdhouse & Bumblebee Birdhouse

dZi Handmade

We are obsessed with all of our felt birdhouses by dZi Handmade but these two specifically have us buzzing with joy. Perfect for wren, these birdhouses can be hung outdoors and are made with sustainably-harvested water-resistant sheep wool by artisans in Nepal. 

To see the rest of the bee products that we carry in our store, check out our World Bee Day Collection.

Written by: Alison McPhearson, Assistant Store Manager

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