Happy 10th Birthday CWOW!

We are happy to be celebrating our 10th birthday on July 20, 2021. That's ten years of making a difference at home and across the world!

In celebration of this milestone, we will be hosting a series of fun events and having a fair trade raffle. Proceeds from the events and raffle — which are held at the store at 125 W. Wayne St. — will go to fund projects in countries in which we have made a direct impact. In the past ten years, we have worked in eleven countries and buy from artisans in more than 50.

Learn more about each of these events and sign up by following the links.

July 10: Succulent Bar benefiting Haitian Assets for Peace International (HAPI).


A bit about our history:

What started with a project in Haiti has grown into an organization with global scope and reach.  CWoW Founder, Lorelei VerLee, started her journey in 2007 when she helped start Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI), a business that began by empowering women through creative marketing and artistry. This experience inspired Verlee to found CWoW in 2011. Now, a decade later, she reflects on the organization's significance and contributions to the global community. 

“Creative Women of the world has grown by leaps and bounds due to its innovative model,” says Lorelei Verlee, CWoW’s founder. “Combining sustainable business training, art, and entrepreneurship means women become empowered to discover how they can lift themselves out of poverty.”

Thanks go to Lauren Caggiano for her contribution in writing this post.

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