Lorelei Verlee: Founder & Trainer

A lifelong artist and innovative entrepreneur, Lorelei VerLee was inspired to start Creative Women of the World four years after being invited to assist in an artisan-based startup in Haiti named HAPI (Haitian Artisans for Peace International).

For the initial month of formulation she lived in their rural community and observed their desires and assets. When she returned to the States she continued to volunteer as product designer and Marketing Director and made frequent trips back to Haiti. 

When other artisans from around the world heard about HAPI they began asking for similar help in distributing their unique products, Lorelei knew it was the right time to expand the outreach. 

Most women were very talented in handcrafting but had limited access to business training and broader distribution beyond their meager markets. They wanted to learn how to sustainably support their families. Lorelei's passion is to respectfully walk alongside them as they give birth to small businesses that are ethical and profitable. Lorelei knew from experience that authenticity, focused work and transparency leads to wholeness, spiritually and professionally.  And that leads to peace!

Lorelei has a passion for and has collected indigenous textiles from her travels around the world.   So during the product development stage she always tries to honor the artisan’s ancient cultures and traditions while guiding the eye of the producer to design products that appeal to buyers in a contemporary marketplace. 

Becky Stockert: Director of Retail Operations

Becky has been with CWOW since August 2020; she is an artist and comes to CWOW with a background in the arts, non-profits, marketing, and higher education. Her favorite product in the store is the Singing Rooster Coffee.

Alison McPhearson: Assistant Store Manager

Alison has been with CWOW since September 2020. She has a passion for fair trade and empowering women. Alison is a wizard at Shopify and keeps everything running smoothly in the store.  

Margie Doughtery: Storyteller

Margie began her relationship with CWOW as a board member and transitioned to a Storyteller in 2016. Her favorite part of working at CWOW is the unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise.  

Sophia Franco: Storyteller

Sophia started as a storyteller at CWOW in September 2020. She is an artist and animal lover. One of her favorite parts of working at CWOW is getting to know people in the local community and learning more about local arts. 


Erika Mann: President
Dave Mann: Vice President
Marcia Futter: Treasurer
Marialyn Bazile: Secretary
Lynne Gilmore: Interim Executive Director

Suha Abbasi: Member
Sadia Ahmad: Member
Katrina Boedeker: Member
Kate Brogan: Member
Mary Encabo: Member
Irma Gonzalez: Member
Ruth DeWit: Member