Transformation in Ecuador: Casa Mi Suenos

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon rainforest lies Ecuador, a picturesque country with diverse ecosystems and vibrant culture. But beyond the picturesque scenery lies stories of income disparities, heartbreaking challenges for women and children, and a country fighting against powerful drug cartels. Join us on a journey to Ecuador as we explore the cities of Quito and Cayambe, and discover the transformative work being done by Creative Women of the World in collaboration with Casa mi Sueños and SUMAK to provide business and financial literacy training for women in these communities.



Our journey took us deep into the heart of Ecuadorian communities, meeting with local women in Quito and members of indigenous communities in Cayambe and Otavalo. Creative Women of the World, in partnership with Casa mi Sueños and SUMAK, is committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of women. Our mission is to empower women with practical business skills and financial literacy so they can improve their own lives through the power of their own creativity. This includes those who have been or are currently engaged in prostitution and those facing issues of domestic violence and violations of child labor laws. We aim to foster independence and create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.



In Quito, Ecuador, Casa mi Sueños stands as a sanctuary for women navigating the challenging terrain of life on the streets. This organization extends a compassionate hand to those engaged in prostitution, offering not just material support but also a pathway towards a brighter future. With dedication and empathy, Casa mi Sueños delivers care packages to nearly 90 individuals, bridging the gap between their immediate needs and the prospect of a transformed life.


Beyond the distribution of care packages, Casa mi Sueños provides a haven for women and girls yearning to escape the harsh realities of street life. The organization operates a home where these individuals can find refuge, support, and a chance for personal reinvention. The commitment goes beyond temporary shelter; Casa mi Suenos typically accommodates residents for at least a couple of years, recognizing the time and support required for a meaningful transition.


Casa mi Sueños has integrated a thrift store into its operations. This store not only generates funds for the nonprofit's initiatives but also serves as a job training space for women, equipping them with valuable skills. Through this innovative approach, Casa mi Sueños fosters independence, instills a sense of purpose, and offers a tangible means for women to break free from the cycle of street life. They are working on opening a beauty salon, as well, to generate more revenue and equip women with practical job skills.

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