6 Sustainable Products to Help You Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day this year (April 22) with Creative Women of the World by shopping sustainably! 

Our mission (to equip women with entrepreneurial resources to develop sustainable businesses) is about more than financial success. So many of the artisans we work with around the world live in developing nations and do not have the same resources we take for granted. 

Instead of driving to the local hobby store to buy supplies, our artisans have to get a little more creative. In many instances, they use literal trash to create the beautiful items we sell in our store. They are the original upcyclers!

  1. Klikety Klicks

    Can you guess what these products are made from? Discarded soda bottles! Klikety Kliks come from “All Women Recycling” in Cape Town, South Africa, and are made from what most would consider trash. 

    Klikety Kliks

  2. Bees Wraps

    Have you ever been bothered by throwing away disposable bags or plastic wrap? Beeswax wraps are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage, made from 100% organic cotton and responsibly harvested beeswax.

    Bees Wrap

  3. Cement Bags

    Made from recycled cement bags, this eco-friendly day bag is a perfect way to show off your style and sustainable choices.

    Cement Bags

  4. Mr. Ellie Poo

    This one always gets a laugh and is a great present for kids (though everyone really enjoys this product, regardless of age). Mr. Ellie Poo journals, sketchbooks, and cards are made from elephant poop-or rather, the fibrous materials that made its way through the elephant. In one end and out the other!

    Mr Ellie Poo

  5. Haitian Metal Art

    These beautifully crafted works of art are created from steel oil drums. Haitian artisans cut, hammer, and paint the metal, transforming an uninspiring drum into a stunning conversation piece.

    Haitian Metal Art

  6. Growing Paper

    This is a greeting card you can plant! Once you’ve written your message and sent it to your loved one, they can plant it in the ground, give it some water, and watch the flowers grow. This line of stationary is made by the same company that creates the Klikety Klicks. They know sustainability!

    Growing paper


Shop our entire Earth Day 2021 Collection. 

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