Metal Dragonfly 6"
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Metal Dragonfly 6"

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6" x 6" This detailed wall art is a handcrafted, original piece of Haitian metal art, made from recycled 55 gallon steel drums. These pieces of art are hand carved by the artist , in the traditional fashion; utilizing simple hand tools for both cut work and detailing.

Story Behind the Art: The art of handcrafting metal sculptures that has been handed down for several generations provides a sustainable living for over 100 families in a small village in Haiti. The work begins with a recycled 55 gallon steel drum. The steel drum is prepared for the sculpture by removing the top, stuffing it with dried banana leaves and straw and finally igniting it to burn off any residue and paint. Once the barrel is cool, it is pounded into a flat sheet and prepared for the sculpture. The artist draws his intended shape on the metal and begins his work with a hammer and chisel.
Made in Haiti

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