Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Bar


Equal Exchange chocolates and cocoas are crafted using only the purest ingredients, grown with care by small farmer co-ops. Equal Exchange sources from these small farmer organizations because they believe the farmers are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement. Soy- and gluten-free. 80g (2.8oz) bars. Sourced from various countries.

Caramel Crunch 55% Cacao: Here's the bar to satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings. Crunchy caramel bits serve as the perfect complement to mouthwatering sea salt crystals and bring out the complex flavors of the smooth, fruity chocolate.

Ecuador 65% Cacao: Highlighting the work of cacao farmers in Ecuador, the bar's sweet, fudgy richness is balanced by hints of citrus and floral notes. With its clean, refreshing aftertaste, this dark chocolate bar will leave you wanting more. Vegan.

Almond 55% Cacao: Experience the mouthwatering combo of rich dark chocolate with chunks of organic almonds. Vegan.

Mint 67% Cacao: The crunchy mint chocolate experience you've been waiting for - an ideal balance of rich, dark chocolate and light, refreshing mint. You'll love the delicate mint crunch in this bar, which provides a wonderful compliment to the creamy, deep chocolate. Vegan.

Orange 65% Cacao: This mouth-watering bar is a blend of smooth dark chocolate and ripe, refreshing orange - the bright citrus taste will satisfy your cravings for something sweet and fruity. Vegan.

Lemon Ginger 55% Cacao: Sweet and citrusy, the surprising combination of lemon and ginger with dark chocolate is well balanced and refreshing. The bar finishes with a hint of black pepper, rounding out the spiciness of the ginger. Vegan.

Panama 80% Cacao: This dark bar is perfectly balanced to allow the true chocolate flavor of the Panamanian beans to shine. Vegan.

Very Dark 71% Cacao: This bar is a delicious and rich dark chocolate experience. Vegan.

Extreme Dark 88% Cacao: This bar is a delicious and rich dark chocolate experience. Vegan.

Almond & Sea Salt 55% Cacao: An even more luxurious and satisfying version of one of our classic combinations, this whole almond and sea salt bar balances fudgey chocolate with a handful of lightly toasted whole almonds and sea salt. It's sure to be a new favorite. Vegan, soy and gluten-free. 

Total Eclipse 92% Cacao: Intensely dark but approachable, this 92% chocolate bar featuring beans from Togo is smooth and chocolate forward, with hints of nutty flavor. Vegan, soy- and gluten-free. 


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