Justea Loose Leaf Tea


Purple Jasmine: A cup of Purple Jasmine is fresh and delicate. The enchanting fragrance of real jasmine blossoms creates the perfect pairing of tea and flowers.

*Tasting Notes: Light & Floral, Spring Jasmine & Honey

Purple Chocolate: A cup of Purple Chocolate is a heavenly, ‘chocola-tea’ experience. Antioxidant-rich cacao and purple tea offer a healthy choice to satisfy your sweet tooth, without any indulgence.

*Tasting Notes: Sweet & Smooth, Pure Chocolate & Delicate Rose

Purple Mint: A cup of Purple Mint is sweet and refreshing. Invigorating mint leaves are beautifully balanced with delicate rose petals and smooth purple tea.

*Tasting Notes: Fresh & Soothing, Aromatic Mint & Rose

Purple Rain: A cup of Purple Rain will make your taste buds sing. Enjoy this bright tropical infusion of juicy passion fruit, sweet lemongrass, crisp apple, and a hint of hibiscus.

*Tasting Notes: Bright & Lively, Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus

Kenyan Earl Grey: Our cold-pressed bergamot oil will brighten your Earl Grey experience! Grown under the Mediterranean sun, organic bergamot oranges marry perfectly with the natural fruity notes of our whole leaf Kenyan tea. Unlike any other Earl Grey you have tasted, share a cup with a friend named Earl soon!

*Tasting Notes: Aromatic & Rich, Bright Citrus & Wildflowers

African (English) Breakfast: The perfect start to your day. Take a tea trip around the world with this full-bodied blend of black teas from Kenya, India and China. This delicious breakfast blend is well-balanced and very high in anti-oxidants. Try drinking it the Kenyan way, with a splash of milk and sugar

*Tasting Notes: Classic & Bold, Warm Biscuits & Honey

African Chai: ‘Chai’ actually just means ‘tea’, but here in the west, we have adopted the term to mean spiced tea. Our African Chai is spiced with a unique bouquet of cloves, cinnamon, fennel and rose petals. Totally different from a spicy Indian Masala Chai, this has been known to make chai devotees rethink how they drink their chai! Also delicious as an iced tea!

*Tasting Notes: Sweet & Spicy, Black Tea & Cloves

Little Berry Hibiscus: The ladies of the Women’s Herbal Tea Co-op drink hibiscus tea all day long.  We have added their hand-picked, organic hibiscus to this herbal blend so you can sip and enjoy the same tea as the Kenyan women do!  Little Berry Hibiscus is a beautiful burst of colour: pink hibiscus petals, purple berries, green lemongrass and red rooibos. It is also delicious over ice.  Your tea purchase directly benefits the Women’s Co-op.

*Tasting Notes: Vibrant & Tart, Hibiscus & Sweet Berries

Sunkissed Rooibos:  The perfect marriage in tea! Organic rooibos and organic lemongrass are brought together to present a citrusy-sweet blend. This herbal blend aids digestion and enhances absorption of iron. Members of a Kenyan women’s coop handpick the organic lemongrass in this blend. Your tea purchase directly benefits their employment.

*Tasting Notes: Bright & Lingering, Light Caramel & Citrus

Black Tea Trio: 1.3 oz. each of African Chai, Kenyan Earl Grey and Mt. Kenya Black

Herbal Tea Trio: 1.3oz. each of Chamomile Dream, Little Berry Hibiscus and Peppermint Detox

Purple Tea Trio: 1.3oz. each of Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine and Purple Chocolate


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