For over two decades, Balizen has been at the forefront of both the Fair Trade and sustainability movement. They create a unique line of ethical products for your home, garden and wardrobe. Their designs are inspired by nature and the Zen traditions of craftsmanship, simplicity, harmony and the use of natural and eco-friendly materials. 
Balizen has a deep respect for local artisans’ lifestyle, traditions and environment. They strive to maintain the spirit of compassion and the natural serendipity that occurs when one is doing something positive for the planet. They are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation and commit their time to working closely with local village communities to educate them on topics such as conservation, sustainable development and organic farming.
Balizen not only strives to bring love and joy to their artisans’ work and your home, but they also strive to share the abilities and sensibilities of one culture with another, in order to open up communication and help bring people together into a global family, just like their own.