Antidote sets a standard in Dark Chocolate Bars. Our original flavor pairings are made with real bits and pieces of fruits, exotic spices and fragrant herbs (no essential oils or artificial flavors).  They are proud to offer dark and milk chocolate bars containing a higher cacao content and much less sugar than other brands.
Antidote also offers sugar-free, raw 100% chocolate bars. Cacao beans contain high amounts of antioxidants and anandamide which provide an endorphin boost in addition to many other health benefits. Their distinctive flavor formula’s and slow roasting process maximizes the antioxidants and nutrients found naturally in chocolate.  Antidote chocolate bars are a guilt free indulgence!  Beautifully wrapped in gift-ready packaging, each bar provides a true Antidote for ALL of your senses.
Antidote is a woman owned company founded in 2010. They are dedicated to creating exquisite treats that are highly enjoyable, nourishing and energizing.  All our bars are made in small batches from fine, aromatic, Arriba Nacional cacao beans sourced in Ecuador.