Kids Embroidered Mitten
Padhma Knits

Kids Embroidered Mitten

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  • 100% Lambs wool
  • Fleece lined
  • String attached

Traditionally, families living in the high Himalayas would produce these products themselves using wool from sheep or yak. But due to political, economic, and environmental changes these skills are disappearing. With every year, the effects of globalization are being felt even in the most remote villages.  Mass produced products like blankets, jackets, and caps are causing knowledge of these traditional practices to loose value, jeopardizing their chances of being passed on to future generations. These practices not only serve pragmatic purposes such as providing warmth but are also traditional ways of telling stories, histories, and art forms. In order to preserve these traditions, we have trained over 100 knitters with this form. Inspired by centuries old traditions, all of Padhma Knits products are a combination of traditional and modern designs.

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