Sari Bari

Rickshaw Bell


These bells can still be heard tinkling in the back lanes of Kolkata, taking the average person through alleyways impassable to taxis or personal vehicles.  Rickshaws are hand pulled by a man, working hard for his family, its not ideal employment but it makes ends meet for the man who can find no other job. Kolkata has sought to ban Rickshaws many times over the years unsuccessfully, until other options for employment for unskilled workers are available these back alley two wheeled carts will continue to bridge the employment gap for the poorest.   The small bell is brass toned and has a hand braided sari strap--hang this on your door or your Christmas tree and remember those who still undertake back breaking labor on behalf of the ones they love. Made in India.  Handle appearance may vary slightly from the picture.

Sold individually. 

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