MINI Antidote Chocolate Bar

This decadent chocolate is light and low in sugar while loaded with nourishing cacao power so you can enjoy it every day. Energize and boost your mood any time you need it. And feel good about it - guilt free.  Check out this line of Dark Chocolate bars! Harvested in Ecuador. 
Coffee & Cardamom: Rich and aromatic: Arabica coffee and minty cardamom are triumphant on dark chocolate made from 73% slow roasted cacao. The coffee, grown in the mountain shade of the Loja region in Ecuador, delivers a sweet aroma and has been specifically selected to complete this taste trifecta. Vegan, gluten free, and kosher. Kakia: your action packed Antidote for when you feel trapped in the passenger seat.
Rose Salt & Lemon: Subtle and delicate: Rose salt from the Andes gets down with tangy lemon zest on a dark chocolate dance-floor of 77% slow roasted cacao. When you get hit with this special lemon preparation your taste buds will shimmy in appreciation. Vegan, gluten free, an kosher. Hebe: your creative Antidote to dull moments and tired playbooks.
Quinoa Crunch: Rich and gratifying. A layer of crunchy popped quinoa on a base of pure, fruity dark chocolate bliss. Nice texture with a very light mint flavor.
Queens of Paradise! : Queen Q is your Antidote for parched consciousness.

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