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Klikety Klik Gift Box - Seaside - Small


The “Klikety Klik” is a gift box handmade in South Africa from discarded plastic drink bottles, although beautiful enough to be a gift in itself. Designs are created by decoupaging paper napkins and each box is unique. Add potpourri, jewelry or your favorite treat for a totally unusual package. Or illuminate with a battery-operated candle. As the box will still hold water, it can also be used for a plant or flowers when open. Flaps can be closed in any order and will stay closed even upside down. The boxes often look best with one flap on top, so a decorative button is added here. This imaginative box is upcycling at its finest – creating function and beauty from waste while benefiting a disadvantaged community. Previously unemployed women create these gift boxes and learn simultaneously about business with “All Women Recycling” in Cape Town.

Small – 3″, wide, 3″ high

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