Cat Lady Soap


This silky, moisturizing rose scented soap cleans your skin without drying. Our aloe soap is perfect for a luxurious bath time, or daily indulgence. This nourishing soap is handcrafted with glycerin, aloe, and fragrance oils and housed in a gold tin.

"Cat Lady” is a term used to transfer shame onto women who challenge traditional values. The Cat Women Project is meant to playfully subvert this sexist stereotype.

Portraits of women throughout the history of art have traditionally honored purity, innocence or attachment to powerful men. Artist Brooke Hummer has appropriated classic painting styles to create a project that instead celebrates the independence and power of our strong, single sisters (and their cats).


Neva - Golden Rose

Whiskey - Lewis & Clark

Roland - Citrus

Clementine - White Tea

Bunny - Mint Tea

Loki - Lavender

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