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Love Heals Healing Oil

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The Love Heals Healing Oils are handcrafted and specially blended to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Morning, noon and night, roll lightly onto pulse points at inner wrist, base of your throat, behind ear lobes and knees, and top of feet. Use as a lighter, more natural alternative to perfume.

Contains 0.34 fl.oz. (10 ml) each 

  • Balance
    A centering blend that harmonizes your body and mind and stabilizes mood.

  • Calm

    A grounding blend to inspire serenity, soothe anxiety, and promote tranquility.

  • Energy

    Formulated to fight fatigue, this invigorating energy blend offers an uplifting edge when the day gets long.

  • Focus

    An energizing blend designed to replenish stamina, inspire creativity, and promote concentration.

  • Immunity

    A powerful blend with protective qualities, Immunity offers a holistic approach to well being.

 Your purchase of this product gives American women who have been victims of sex trafficking, prostitute, and addiction a second chance at life. Thistle farms provides these women with the jobs and the counseling they need to regain their lives. 

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