Human Trafficking Awareness Collection

Human Trafficking is an atrocity that robs humans of their choice, their agency, their dignity, their freedom, and their futures. 
It's estimated around 40.3 million people are trapped in some form of human trafficking worldwide. 
It is also estimated that women and girls make up at least 71% of that number. 
We emphasize "estimated" because the very nature of human trafficking means that an unimaginable number of people fall through the cracks and are not accounted for.
The very nature of traffickers is luring people by providing basic survival needs. Many people who have been trafficked were coerced with promises of food, shelter, or securing income to care for a family.
While the term "trafficking" seems to imply people moving across continents, most trafficking occurs much closer to home. 
That's why it's critical to #PartnertoPrevent with organizations walking alongside women as they find their paths to freedom. 
This collection is all of Creative Women of the World's vendors walking that walk. 
These items make the best kinds of gifts - the kind that says "I'll walk with you, too."