Unlocking Your Design @ The Dream Center Spring 2024
Unlocking Your Design @ The Dream Center Spring 2024
Unlocking Your Design @ The Dream Center Spring 2024
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Unlocking Your Design @ The Dream Center Spring 2024

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Have a business or business idea but need help getting started? Join us and like-minded people for a 6-module business development course where you will learn the basics of business, finance, and marketing. Over 6 classes, we will cover topics such as identifying the assets you already have, identifying your customer, how to budget, types of businesses, and much more. 

The Questionnaire below MUST be completed for registration. 

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Dates/Time: Saturday Mornings, March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6, & 13, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Co-Presenters: Becky Stockert, CWOW Executive Director & Owner of Cat People Press; Lorelei Verlee, CWOW Founder, Trainer, & author of Unlocking Your Design Curriculum

Location: The Dream Center, 1615 E. Wallace St., Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Fee: $25 for residents of Renaissance Pointe and Oxford neighborhoods; $50 with financial scholarship; $300 standard tuition

This course is tailored to creative types and women but anyone is welcome to join! Both product-based businesses and service model businesses will be discussed and will benefit from this course. 

The Course:

  • Module 1: Identify Your Assets, 3 hrs
    Students look deeply at themselves, their skills, and their resources to see what product or service need could be the foundation for a transformative business.
  • Module 2: Meet Your Market, 3 hrs
    Students consider the target customer for their product or service and how they will reach them. They also learn about the importance of branding and visual details and start thinking about how to communicate with customers.
  • Module 3: Maximize Your Finances, 3 hrs
    Students learn about budgeting and keeping financial records. Understanding costs, pricing, and profit are covered extensively. Everyone begins thinking like a business person! 
  • Module 4: Transform Your Relationships, 3 hrs
    Students learn about leadership, personality styles, bringing on employees/volunteers, and consider relationships as assets in different aspects of their lives. 
  • Module 5: Growing Your Capacity, 3 hrs
    Students learn about the nuts and bolts of legally starting a business, opening a bank account, insurance, and more. They also discuss the Triple Bottom Line philosophy: People, Planet, and Profit. 
  • Module 6: Secure Your Future, one-on-one one-hour mentoring
    Students bring together everything they have learned and write an official business plan. They will have one-on-one 

Financial need is self-identifying meaning we will not ask you for verification of income. We know everyone’s finances are different and relative to their own situation. We do ask that you write 3-5 sentences about your financial need, which will be completely confidential, unless you give us permission otherwise.

Accommodations: if you require any accommodations such as translation, hearing, mobility, etc., please contact us right away. 

Questions? Email Becky@gocwow.org or call 260-267-9048

Thank you to SEED for making the program possible. 

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