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Growing Paper Greeting Card


A Growing Paper Greeting Card is crafted with seeds implanted within the recycled paper to make new cards. Each card comes with an envelope in plastic with a sticker showing the name of the artisan who created the card. The paper is crafted from 100% post-consumer waste paper which is sourced from a shredding company as well as a nearby school. Only water is added to the waste paper to create the new paper. No chemicals are added during the paper-making process. Handmade in India. 

How to plant (directions also printed on back of each card):
1. Prepare some weed free soil in a pot.
2. Moisten the paper as well as the soil.
3. Place the paper a few millimeters under the soil (or just sprinkle some loose soil over the paper)
4. Water and keep moist during germination (but don’t drown the seeds)*
5. Watch your little plants grow from paper!
*To ensure that the paper stays moist during germination, you can prepare the soil and paper in a glass jar and keep the lid on in order to keep the moisture in.

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